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Want your child to grow into a Leader?

Everyone wants the best for their kids, and the parents in our program are no different. Our program is not designed simply to teach kids martial arts skills, which are a lot of fun to learn, but to build confidence, create leaders and involve them in a healthy lifestyle.

That is the real goal most parents have for their kids when enrolling them in a martial arts program.

After 2 years of pandemic, our kids also need fitness, confidence and leadership more than ever.

These are traits that once established grow and build over time. The child that finds confidence early and becomes a leader amongst peers early builds on those through doing them and that carries over straight into adulthood.

Our kids program is set up to teach Mixed Martial Arts skills, emphasizing Jiu-Jitsu based training early. Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling or wrestling based martial art where the goal is to control an opponent rather then injure them through striking techniques which makes it much better suited to children.

Our core teaching philosophy is something referred to as the student success cycle. Confidence comes from success, success comes from competence and competence is built through confidence.

This can be seen from the very beginning, we don’t simply hand them their first belt, we have them earn it in front of the class be having a “match” with an instructor. The whole class gets involved cheering them on and applauding and they walk off the mat glowing with pride and feeling like they can do this.

As they become familiar with our curriculum they will be at times partnered with newer members and coached in how to help the newer members learn the techniques. They will also be at time given opportunities to lead the class in drills and warm up exercises. More experienced students are taught to mentor the newer ones, who will in term become mentors as they continue.

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Age Groups

At Innovative Martial Arts we believe kids should be grouped and train with other kids their own age. That is why we have 5 seperate age groups for our kids program.

  • 3-4 year olds
  • 5-7 year olds
  • 8-11 year olds
  • 11-15 year olds

What is Jiu-Jitsu?

"Jiu-Jitsu" is the primary component of our kids program, it translates to "Gentle Art", and it gets this name because it is a art of control. The goal in Jiu-Jitsu is to control your opponent and put them in a position where they are forced to give up, as oppose to cripple them with striking techniques.

Jiu-Jitsu teaches kids to think strategically, not aggressively in order to use their entire body to physically control their opponent without causing injury and protect themselves from being in a position where they could be injured.

They will learn to control their opponent on their feet and on the ground, they will learn takedowns, escapes, submission holds and more.

Jiu-Jitsu can be trained recreationally, or as a competitive sport.

At Innovative Martial Arts we produce kids that:

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Confidence: A Cure for Bullying

First published in the Fall / Winter edition of Family-TLC Magazine Unfortunately back-to-school means back-to-bullying for far more children than any of us like to admit. Bullying is a very real problem but, fortunately there is a solution. Stop the Bullying Bullies target those that are easiest to bully, and the easiest target is the child lacks confidence and is least likely to stand up for themselves. Unfortunately this is a hard thing to do for most kids, or even adults for that matter. So the key is confidence; a person that is confident is far less likely to be targeted by a bully. A child that can verbally, and if necessary, physically stand up for themselves is going to be more trouble for a bully who is looking to boast their own confidence at the expense of others.

So how do you help your child become bully proof?

      1. Praise everything. Children hear far more negative statements then positive. “Don’t do this”, “Don’t touch that”, “keep quiet”, etc. The general rule coaches learn is 3 positive statements for every negative one. This is a good rule to carry out of the gym or off the field as well. If your child is constantly being told they are good, and doing amazing they will become what they are told and gain the confidence of it. To strengthen this effect, surround your child with other people and put them in activities where they will hear those same things from other sources. The more different places they are hearing positive statements the stronger the effect.However the goal is not to simply praise for the sake of praising, it needs to be specific towards what you are trying to encourage. Praise effort, attentiveness, focus and other traits you want to develop.
    • Teach them “Verbal Judo”. Must bullying can be stopped through words, saying the right thing at the right time. Calling the bully on his statements and actions, making them hold responsibility for their actions. Simply having the confidence to ask the bully to stop, or asking them why they are doing what they are doing.Speaking confidently and saying the right thing can make all the difference, both with bullies and in life.
    • Teach them to help others. Little things add up, and realizing that they have the ability to help others is a big part of being a confident person. Teach them to open doors, help with the yard work, and volunteer in the community with you. Lead by example and remember to thank them for what they do, even if it is small.Another great way to do this is have them working with younger kids in some regard. The act of “teaching” others not only improves their knowledge of what they are teaching, but also builds their confidence in themselves.
    • Give them the physical skills. With bullies the ultimate threat is being beat up. Bullies use the threat of violence as a way to keep power over others. If that threat doesn’t frighten your child because they understand how to defend themselves. If they know, without question, through direct and repeated experience, that they are capable of protecting themselves. That they can control a bigger, stronger and older opponent because they do so every week against bigger, stronger and older (but less experienced) kids in a martial arts class, they will have the confidence in how they respond verbally because that fear won’t be there.

Martial Arts is only part of the answer though. It can teach them to be physically stronger and confident in their ability to defend themselves. It can teach them to stand in front of a class and perform. But the real secret lies in the way the child is taught, not just in a martial arts gym, but everywhere they interact with leaders. It’s also never too early to start, don’t wait until your child is a victim to teach them how not to be one. A confident child is not only bully proof, but primed for being unstoppable in whatever they do. Andrew Green is head coach at Innovative Martial Arts and can be reached at 204-505-2787, or through

Parents, Do You Want to Jump-Start Your Childs Attention, Focus and Gross-Motor Skills?

At Innovative Martial Arts we believe that it is never too late, nor too early to start training.

Children that train in martial arts from a young age gain a head start in life. Young children are making new discoveries everyday and learning how to cope with all of the challenges of everyday life. Their intellect, emotions, physical capabilities, and social competence all are growing at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, there are few programs and options available for children during this important period, and the potential for helping jump start their confidence, focus and gross-motor abilities often goes unrealized.

Our program was designed for the important development of children as young as 3 years olds. We’ve collected scientific and psychological resources regarding this age group, and used that information to ensure that our program meets each child’s characteristics and capabilities.

Your child will experience training that targets the skills that they are currently developing; skills such as large and gross motor skills, behavior development, and character development. These skills have been broken down into exercises, games, activities, and drills that compliment their stage of development.

We use the martial arts approach to building their skills through these drills. The approach includes reinforcing good discipline, displaying confidence, and maintaining a positive attitude. Technical martial art training is limited to a select set of techniques that develop their balance, body awareness and co-ordination.

“I can already see my son becoming more comfortable meeting new people, becoming less shy, he doesn’t cling to us as much as he would before coming to Innovative Martial Arts. He’s becoming more patient when he doesn’t “get” something right away, where as before he would get frustrated and want to quit. Plus there’s the benefits of all the physical activity.” — Tammy

Leadership: The Key To Success

Within the martial arts is a built in leadership training program. The belt system gives structure to kids classes and establishes goal setting as a learned skill. More importantly, it helps foster a mentoring relationship. Your child will very early on be called in front of a group to count off repetitions or aid in demonstrating a technique. They will learn to stand tall and confident in front of there peers in a progressive system geared towards making them into a strong and effective leader. As they advance in skill and leadership ability they will be taught how to mentor and coach others, how to take charge and how to have a lasting and positive effect on others.

How do I get my Child Started?


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