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A Important Gym Stat

67% of gym memberships go completely unused...

USA Today did a study a few years back that showed 67% of gym memberships go completely unused.

The business model is based around high levels of people paying, but not using. This allows very low price points, so low that many people won’t bother to cancel even if they never use it. The lower the price, the more they are counting on a high percentage of paying members never showing up.

Some go even further, and build their gyms in a way that makes it very hard to get any real results…. Over abundance of machine based exercises, unhealthy free snacks, etc. If you aren’t seeing real results, you’ll stop going (but hopefully keep paying)

Smaller fitness studios charge more, but 100% of those people paying are attending, and 100% of those people attending are seeing results, otherwise they’d stop going and stop paying.

So if you have tried the big budget gyms and failed, it’s not your fault. That was the plan, they want most of their members to fail, that’s how they stay in business.

This spring, do it right, join a program that wants to see you there 3x / week and see you succeed 🙂


After 2 years... what have we learnt?

Tonight, at midnight, Manitoba will be dropping the last of the public health orders. We will be health order free in Manitoba for the first time in a long time.

In 3 days it will be 2 years since we closed our doors for the first time, with public health orders following shortly afterwards that kept them closed for months.

Covid has caused havoc on our society, it's raised our stress levels, it's increased peoples waists, it's sky rocketed inflation, and its forced people apart.

Now, 2 years later, we have vaccines, the virus has gotten milder, and many people have had covid and recovered.

But, one important thing we need to recognize after all of this is how much worse this whole thing was made by the nature of our society.

We also have a obesity epidemic going on, and obesity has been one of the major determining factors of risk of severe outcomes from covid. Nutrition has been another major factor, and we live in a very fast / processed food dominate society. Stress has been a factor, and we are more stressed then ever (which many also link to the rises in ADHD, ODD and other childhood diagnosises)

2 years later, it's time to change those "Fundamentals", they need to include taking care of yourself. They need to include exercise, proper diets, healthy relationships, work/life balance and stress management.

Our "New Normal" is not about living apart, but improving our health from all sides so that we are able to face whatever comes next.

"The risk of severe illness from COVID-19 increases sharply with higher BMI." - CDC

"People who do little or no physical activity, or exercise, are more likely to get very sick from COVID-19 than those who are physically active." - CDC

"A new study has found that people who experienced increased stress, anxiety and depression at the start of the pandemic, were at greater risk of getting COVID-19." - University of Nottingham

"A diet characterised by healthy plant-based foods was associated with lower risk and severity of COVID-19." - Harvard Medical

"in patients aged 18 years and younger, having obesity was associated with a 3.07 times higher risk of hospitalization" - CDC

So lets make 2022 a year of lifestyle changes and getting healthy :)


Top Choice 2020 - Vote For Us!

Innovative Martial Arts is proud to announce that we are an Official 2020 Top Choice Award Nominee! Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to nominate us! Now, we need your help to WIN! Voting is now open and if you feel that we have earned your vote, we would appreciate you taking the time to vote for us. Winning the Top Choice Award is one of the largest endorsements a business can receive within North America & Europe, so this is a BIG deal!

Show us some love by voting for us. Your vote will automatically enter you into a draw for a chance to win a grand cash prize of $2000 or one of many Toppy T-shirts. You can vote for us here: Otherwise, you can contact Top Choice Awards via email or phone to vote for us.

‍Voting ends December 20th, 2019.

‍We would love to win the Top Choice Award... But we need your help to do so. If you believe we are your Top Choice, why not help us spread the word!Thank you for your time and we appreciate your vote!

P.S your written feedback in the survey is anonymous but very important to us, as it allows us to know what you love about us and what we can improve to continue serving you every day and providing the best customer experience possible. Many thanks in advance!

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In recognition of its dedication to quality martial art instruction and community involvement, Innovative Martial Arts has been recognized with the Mark of Excellence Award from Century Martial Arts, one of the most respected organizations in the industry.

Innovative Martial Arts was part of a select few to receive the distinguished Mark of Excellence Award for 2015, the highest honor bestowed by Century Martial Arts. Not only has Innovative Martial Arts served the community as a whole, but they have also had an exceptionally positive impact on individuals by dedicated so much to their students’ development in both martial arts and everyday life. “At Century our core belief is that martial arts has the ability to profoundly change lives,” said Century Martial Arts founder and CEO, Michael Dillard. “And that is exactly what Innovative Martial Arts is doing — changing lives for the betterment of their community.”

Andrew Green accepted the Mark of Excellence Award on behalf of the school at The Gold Event on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at The Lavo Lounge in The Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas. The event was part of the Martial Arts SuperShow, the world’s largest martial art industry tradeshow and educational event hosted by The Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA). Innovative Martial Arts, as a martial arts leader in the community with the latest trends and staff development instruction, is a regular attendee of the SuperShow.

“I am honored that Century has recognized my school for our commitment to martial arts,” Andrew Green said. “The true test of any instructor is the impact made on students’ lives, and it is incredibly rewarding to receive such positive feedback from the industry.”

# # #

For more information about the Mark of Excellence Award, please contact Century Martial Arts. To learn more about the Martial Arts SuperShow, visit

About Innovative Martial Arts

Innovative Martial Arts is located in Winnipeg, MB at 558 Keenleyside St and teaches martial arts to students of all ages. To learn more about Innovative Martial Arts, call 204-505-2787 or visit 

About Century Martial Arts

Based in Oklahoma City, Century Martial Arts is the world leader in martial art products and the largest manufacturer and distributor of individual contact sports equipment. Century has sold products to support martial arts, mixed martial arts, boxing and kickboxing throughout the world for nearly 40 years. Additionally, Century is the exclusive provider of UFC® (Ultimate Fighting Championship®) fight gear. For more information, visit or call (800) 626-2787.

About Martial Arts Industry Association

Since 2001, the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) has been the world’s most innovative and creative martial arts business association. It was established with one simple mission: Grow the martial art industry, one school at a time. Through their expert business consulting services, MAIA is proudly raising industry standards of professionalism in teaching, curriculum, education, techniques, methods, safety, and communication. For more information, visit or call (866) 626-6226.