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Innovative Martial Arts
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Fighter Fit Kickboxing

Do you want to be stronger, leaner, more agile and resistant to injuries?

MMA Fighters are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world.  They are resistant to injuries, strong, lean, flexible and have amazing endurance.

Our MMA Fighter Fit classes bring this form of athletic training and development to you, without the contact.

MMA Fitness Winnipeg

Martial Arts based fitness has been around for a while now, with cardio kickboxing classes running out of just about every gym.  The problem is they don’t really work, just like most trends in aerobics classes.

What makes us different is we are going to train you like an athlete.

67% of big box gym memberships go completely unused…

USA Today did a study a few years back that showed 67% of gym memberships go completely unused.

The business model is based around high levels of people paying, but not using. This allows very low price points, so low that many people won’t bother to cancel even if they never use it. The lower the price, the more they are counting on a high percentage of paying members never showing up.

Some go even further, and build their gyms in a way that makes it very hard to get any real results…. Over abundance of machine based exercises, unhealthy free snacks, etc. If you aren’t seeing real results, you’ll stop going (but hopefully keep paying)

Smaller fitness studios want you there, 3 times a week, every week. We base our success on your success, not on unused memberships driving up the top line.

So if you have tried the big budget gyms and failed, it’s not your fault. That was the plan, they want most of their members to fail, that’s how they stay in business.

Do it right, join a program that wants to see you there 3x / week and see you succeed

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This means we are not just taking the same aerobics class structure and throwing punches and kicks.  We are actually going to train you to be a athlete, the same way athletes in martial arts and other sports train.

Our program started as a way to get our martial arts students in great shape so that they could train safely and do better in competition.  We went to the best in the industry to create a top level strength and conditioning program that got amazing results and did so quickly.

MMA Fitness Winnipeg

Since then it has become our most popular program for a simple reason, it gets the results it promises.  It’s hard, but it’s fun and energizing.  It will leave you sore when you first start, but after a couple weeks that goes away and the strength and cardio gains make everyday life more enjoyable.

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Innovative Martial Arts was named “Best Local Gym / Workout Studio” by the Winnipeg Free Press


So what are the principals we base our training off of?

There are 5 types of motion

Pushing, Pulling, Rotating, Level Changing and Locatmotion. In addition to the 5 are combinations of 2 or more, and a complete athlete needs to train in all of them. Most injuries occur as a result of not balancing those types of motion or being able to integrate them.

Balance is Key

Balance is a huge part of martial arts, we have another person doing everything they can to disrupt our balance in training. As a result many of our excercises are designed to build balance and be able to recover balance quickly. This not only aides in martial arts training but reduces injuries in everything we do.

Build Strength From the Core Out

If you don’t have a strong core you are not strong, it’s that simple. A strong core protects the body, keeping it in proper alignment and prevents back and hip problems. Our strength training focuses on building strength from the core outwards, we want functional strength in our athletes.

Load is not Always Equal

Whether you are shoveling the driveway or wrestling in real situations the load we place on our body is rarely even. A strong core and proper training is needed to ensure effectiveness and safety when working in real situations where the load you place on your body is not perfectly symmetrical.

Safe for Everyone

At the end of the day a Strength and Conditioning program should be about safety and longevity above all else. We want you to be able to play harder, longer and with less chance of injuries. For this reason we design our program in a way that is safe for everyone. Young, old, beginner, advanced, it doesn’t matter. All excercises are designed to be safe and with modifications for all fitness levels.

Make it a Lifestyle

30-Day diets don’t work, and neither do 30-day fitness programs. To see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle you have to make it that, a lifestyle. This means a healthy diet and exercise should be “normal”, not something you are doing for 30-days to hit a short term goal. It may not be with us for life, but wherever life takes you, make it a healthy one and it will be a better one.

MMA Fitness Winnipeg

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What does this mean for you?

It means you will get real results, and you will get them fast.  We will train you the same way we train professional athletes.  You can obviously go at your own pace and will start with lower weights and such things, but you will be put on a path to go from wherever you are to being in athletic shape.

Is it safe?

Yes, definitely. More so then doing nothing at all! One of the key principals in a strength and conditioning program from a athletic development perspective is safety. The sports athletes do are where more danger lies, and a proper conditioning program is designed to make you more resistant to injury, not to put you at risk of injury.

Do I have to be in shape to start?

No, that’s what the program is for. Sports conditioning is, as I said, about preventing injury and getting in amazing shape. But it is also about solving existing problems. Sports practitioners do get injured from time to time, whether they are amateurs or professionals, injuries sometimes happen. And part of the job of the strength and conditioning program is to work with you and around any existing injuries or physical limitations you currently have to try and resolve those problems.

Will I get hit in class?

No you will not, you will hit pads and learn basic kickboxing technique. But this is a non-contact class. While we do offer self-defence and sport training neither of those are a part of this class.

MMA Fitness Winnipeg

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What does a typical class look like?

One of the most important things we believe to be important in our program is variety. We want our routines to feel fresh. We know that fitness programs as a whole tend to get stale over time. When that happens results start to slow down and interest gets lost. For this reason we try to mix it up a fair bit with our routines.

However, there is a few key elements that are part of the structure of our classes that we stick to:

1 – Warmup. Every class will start with a warm up of some sort. This is low intensity exercise that builds up as we go to get your blood moving and body ready to train hard.

2 – Interval Training. HIIT, or “High Intensity Interval Training” has been proven to get results faster then any other sort of training. Sometimes this means working as a group, other times it is partner work, other times a circuit. It can be a strength focus, or a explosive power focus or even a cardio focus depending on the class. But for the most part we stick to interval training as it gets the best results.

3 – Pad work. We are a martial arts school, and that ties into all of our classes. We will teach you how to properly hit and hold pads. This is great cardio and lots of fun, making it a great way to finish off a workout and get a little extra out of it.

4 – Stretching. A proper cool down prevents injuries and improves recovery time. Our cool downs are based on stretching and yoga designed to improve your flexibility, reduce injuries and correct flexibility issues that can lead to lower back, hip and other sorts of problems.

MMA Fitness Winnipeg

Each class lasts 45 mins, and will leave you sweating, smiling and feeling energized.

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