At this point we all know too much sugar is bad, especially for kids.

That said, sugar is not “bad”, it’s one of our primary sources of energy and naturally occurs in pretty much any fruit or vegetable to some degree.

In fact the biggest culprit for High sugar foods is corn. A massive amount of the added sugar we eat comes from corn, in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup. But corn itself, natural and healthy.

This is why it’s always important to look at the nutrition labels of prepared food, as they can be really deceiving, especially on fruit snacks marketed at kids.

Here is an example in the pictures, a Sun-Rype Fruit-2-Go bar. The label is bright and features fruit, it is marketed as 100% fruit… as well as gluten free since that’s currently trendy, and vegan which definitely makes it sound healthy. By all frontal appearances this is marketed as a healthy snack.

However when you flip it over something definitely stands out. This is a 14 gram bar… containing 11 grams of sugar. Which puts it on the level with most candies, and far more sugar then a similar quality of chocolate.

Sugar occurs naturally, and eaten in its natural form it, and you can get concentrated sugar from any fruit source all while claiming it is completely natural and 100% fruit.

Schools back, and lunches need packed, but check those labels as the front of the box can be deceiving.